Foxin 360 degree Rotatable Car Mobile Holder CR25 with Adjustable Side Grip Support

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  • Versatile Viewing with 360 Degree Rotatable Ball Head: The fully adjustable joint allows 360 degrees swiveling and rotation for optimal positioning of your phone for quick portrait or landscape views depending on your needs and comfort.
  • Multiple Mounting Option: The car mobile holder can be easily attached to the car dashboard/windscreen/air Vent. Going for a dashboard mounting option makes for the optimum position for an in-car mobile holder as it leaves your windscreen free from any kind of obstruction.
  • Upgraded Mount Suction Cup: The Suction cup offers a powerful grip with an upgraded gel pad that leaves no air gap between the cup and the dashboard.
  • Firm and Secure Grip: Equipped with an adjustable side grip support arm that strongly holds all the devices and adds an extra layer of security, and prevents any damage to the mobile phone on rough terrain.
  • One-Click Release Button: One-Click Release button releases the device with just a push of a finger.
  • Easy Access Design for Mobile Charging: Comes in an easy-access design for phone charging with a car charger without any hindrance at the bottom or top of the device.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The high-quality rubber and sturdy construction of the base offer excellent impact resistance and can absorb shock effectively and reliably.

Foxin CR25 car mobile holder allows you to drive effortlessly by its easy operation. The 360 degree rotational design lets you easily get your handset into a prime position prior to a journey and then not have to worry about it again. The secured mounting comes with a stronghold sticky gel suction cup that ensures a snug fit. The suction cup prevents any air gaps when mounted, providing a super-strong hold on any surface like the windscreen, dashboard, and air vent. The robust in-car solution doesn’t leave you feeling nervous that it might suddenly pop off as you are driving along.

Application Car Dashboard, Windshield, and Air Vent
Warranty* 1 Year Warranty from the Date of Purchase



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Foxin 360 degree Rotatable Car Mobile Holder CR25 with Adjustable Side Grip Support