Milton Crisp N Clear 2000 ml Square

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Key Points:

  • It can be difficult to find the right container and lid at the moment when you need it, but the clear view of Milton crisp and clear square, 2000 ML storage pet jar makes it easy to find the right food or products easily.
  • Ideal to store lour, cornmeal, beans, lentils, spices, Tea, couscous, rice, and small pasta into Milton jars, will stay fresh and crispy for long period of days and their uniform size means they fit together well with other jars.
  • Milton Jars are useful especially in the kitchen to keep dry goods, products or spices in order.
  • Food will be more visible to you, you will be able to access quantities better and faster, and you decrease the risk of getting wrong items.
  • Space saving products, BPA Free polypropylene container and Air Tight lid

This Milton Crisp and clear square, 2000 ML storage pet jar containers. Each container measures 4.7 in. in length, 4.7 in. in width, and 6.9 in. in height. Take care of all your needs by keeping your items in a organized way. The multi-purpose jar is a great choice for storing your favorite food items including pasta, sugar, coffee, Rice, cereal, soup, juice, grains or fruit. 



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Milton Crisp N Clear 2000 ml Square