Pigeon Titanium 3L/5L Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker,Outer Lid (Hard Anodized)


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Capacity           3L,   5L

  • Made of: Hard Anodized
  • Pack of: 1
  • With Induction Bottom
  • Capacity: 3 L  ,5L
  • Lid Type: Outer Lid



The Pigeon Titanium Induction bottom pressure cooker is an energy-efficient and time-saving cooker that helps you cook faster by uniformly distributing the heat across the vessel. With an ergonomically designed handle, the cooker also comes with safety features such as a central gasket valve, a metallic safety plug, a precision weight valve and 60 microns anodised coating. The pressure cooker also comes with a bottom that is compatible with both gas and induction cooktops. Non-toxic and non-staining, this pressure cooker is highly durable and scratch-resistant.


Sales Package
  • 1 Pressure Cooker
  • 3 litre  /   5L
Model Name
  • Titanium
Model Number
  • 12293  / 12294
Dishwasher Safe
  • Yes
  • 34 cm  /  41 cm
  • 1.7 kg   /  2.3 kg
Other Features
  • User Friendly Handle, Anti Deflecting Bottom, Gasket Release System, Gasket Vent Release System, Food Grade Rubber Gasket, ISI Certification, Weight Valve, Safety Valve
Product Description
Ergonomically Designed Handle

The Pigeon Titanium Induction bottom pressure cooker comes with an ergonomically designed handle that ensures better grip, smoother handling and optimal support.

Central Gasket Valve

This pressure cooker comes equipped with a central gasket valve that helps keep the cooker airtight. The valve also ensures perfect safety while cooking as it keeps the steam stored between the pan and the lid to build up pressure for optimal and safe cooking.

Hard Anodised Body

The Pigeon Titanium Induction bottom pressure cooker comes with 60 microns anodised coating that ensures uniform distribution of heat while cooking so that you and your loved ones can have delicious and flavourful meals, every time.

Metallic Safety Plug

Pigeon is known to make safe kitchen appliances and this pressure cooker is no different. The metallic safety plug of this pressure cooker helps release excess steam when the pressure within the cooker rises beyond a safe level, thus making it extremely safe to use.

Gas and Induction Bottom

Take your cooking experience a notch above with this gas as well as induction cooktop compatible pressure cooker. It is extremely easy and safe to use on both gas stoves and induction cooktops.

Precision Weight Valve

Precision weight valve is the first level of safety on the Pigeon Titanium Induction bottom pressure cooker that helps release pressure as and when it builds up for efficient and effective time-saving cooking.

Toxic- and Stain-resistant

Thanks to the pressure cooker’s hard anodised body, the cooker is non-toxic, non-staining and does not react to chemicals, thus ensuring that your cooking is not only safe but also remains healthy.

Metal Spoon Friendly

Designed to be corrosion-resistant, this pressure cooker is highly durable, sturdy and scratch-resistant. So you can scrape away even that last morsel of the tasty food for your loved ones with a metal spoon, without the fear of corroding the cooker’s bottom.

Energy-efficient and Efficient Cooking

Designed to uniformly heat and cook your food, the Pigeon Titanium Induction bottom pressure cooker not only helps you cook faster but also saves on the energy and time required to do so.







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Weight 1.70000000 kg


Pigeon Titanium 3L/5L Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker,Outer Lid (Hard Anodized)

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