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Cookfun Spatula and Brush Cookfun Spatula and Brush
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Model: Spatula and Brush
Silicone Spatula and Pastry Brush Set Is Suitable for baking, cooking and roasting mixing food, spreading cream or icing on cakes, etc.Made from good quality silicone material, non-stick, reusable, dishwasher safe.Use in any pan on the stovetop, in the oven, microwave or freezer.Sales package includ..
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Gusto Flavour- infusing Spoon with herb stripper Gusto Flavour- infusing Spoon with herb stripper
-50 %
Model: Flavour infusing Spoon
*  Height: 14 cm*  Material: Plastic*  Color: Green*  Dishwasher SafeMulti-Usable Gusto Flavour Infusing spoon & Herb Stripper is a handy matte finish kitchen spoon which is also known as 'Green Herb Spoon', 'Spice Mixing Spoon', 'Flavour Infusing Spoon', 'Herb Stripper Spoon..
₹249 ₹499
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